Our approach is particular both in aspects related to understanding the organization’s training needs and in designing the training programs.

The results are an increase in labor efficiency, the improvement of the organization’s performances, and of the team spirit, the development of new abilities for the client team members.

Professional’s Approach
  • begins with understanding the training needs of the client on short, medium and long term. We investigate over the necessary types of training, their level of complexity, their optimal frequency according to the organizational and professional environment
  • continues with setting up the action plan containing the stages of the training program, the evaluation processes before and after the training as well as monitoring procedures for the periods of implementing the newly acquired abilities and knowledge to increase the training efficiency
  • continues with setting up the training materials and support. Professional approach involves designing and creating training support materials for each particular program
  • continues with implementing the training programs. Professional area of expertise includes specific training programs for areas like management, human resources, communication, team building, presentation skills, sales, negotiations, merchandising
  • continues by monitoring the impact of the training, the evolution of the team spirit, as well as other follow-up activities
Assessment centers are a complementary method of:
  • recruitment and selection process
  • Internal evaluation and promotion processes
  • Talent management, succession planning and team development processes
  • Organizational planning processes
Assessment centers represent an efficient solution when we want:
  • A detailed distinction of each behavior and a clear separation as a result of the selection process
  • a higher degree of certainty in identifying competences, professional potential, predictability of the compatibility level with the organization, of future performance
  • a higher precision in the results of the classic evaluation

Assessment centers require allocating more time and higher resources than usual, but their methodology lead to an increase of the objectivity and produces an added value to the evaluation process.

Our approach is designed to successfully investigate the organization’s main features and to provide the best solution for a proper development. Our consultants can remedy organizational design faults or design start-up companies. Our design includes organizational charts, communicational flows, personnel evaluation systems.

The result is a rapid increase of the client’s organizational efficiency.

Professional’s Approach
  • setting the main features to be investigated as a direct result of the diagnosis process
  • elaborating specific instruments meant to implement the solution provided by our consultants – settling the tests sets and the proper intervention plan
  • continues with implementing the customized instrument and with supplying the audit report. The report contains the results of the audit, the solutions suggested to the client company and the means to achieve the settled goals
  • follow-up


  • he proactive approach of the context as well as of the solutions for an organization downsizing its personnel. The results are ensuring the company’s stability, decreasing the probability of labor conflicts, increasing the efficiency of the company
  • the set of services includes identifying the persons that can be discharged with minimal effects on the organization, consultancy regarding the motivation and reorganization of the human resources after the downsizing moment, professional reconversion, replacing or relocating those who were discharged